Hey guys, haven’t blog in a while…..not that there are many readers out there lol…anyways, with lots of observation and research, i have come up with the 19 fashion “Hell to the No”….for guys

As men, we like to look sleek and clean….not “uhhhhhhh”….so here are the 19 trends i noticed and would like to not .notice ever again….and there is no such thing as “a guy who looks good in everything”

Embellished jeans

Studded with rivets, designed with crystal swirls, embroidered, tattooed, painted…In your sincere attempt to be “hip,” you have actually ended up dressing like a seventeen-year-old girl. If you want to wear embellished jeans, i would recommend Rock and Republic…its a lil pricey, but hey, its better to spend $250 on a pair of jeans than to look like “she just got off her night shift on Sunset ”


Highlighting, frosting, or bleaching your hair. Why is it the guys with the biggest muscles do the girliest things? Go tell your date you’ll pick her up as soon as you’re done “frosting your tips” and let me know how that goes.There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that is appealing about this unless its natural…come guys, if u do this….i have no comment…and if u know someone who does…do me and them a favor and just do “something” about it :))

Mesh clothing

When you wear mesh, are you telling us you’re so hot that if you wore regular clothes they would burst into flames? These clothes are appropriate NOWHERE!!!! I see lots of ppl wearing mesh shirts at the beach…and one thing i must say “either wear a real shirt or don’t wear one at all”

Ed Hardy

If you are over twenty-one and now working for a living, it’s the King of the Douches look. (See: Jon Gosselin.) Absurd. Don’t be a victim. This brand is towards 13-19 years old…..please, if you’re not a douche, looking like 1 ain’t cool

Sunglasses indoors or at night

Comedian Larry David put it best… “You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.” Your swag might be on, but your common sense obviously is not.

Stupid t-shirts

Tell ppl you can’t read and they’ll leave you alone. If it has clever sayings on it, then it perfectly acceptable…but other than that…oh boy, some1 might rip that shirt apart…but not for “that reason”

Overly tan

Most women love a man who looks like he’s spent time outdoors – but there’s a limit. Like being too tan. George Hamilton valiantly attempted this for years, and they still voted him off Dancing with the Stars. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. And, even worse, spray tans. The only reason a man should have a tan is if he’s been in the sun. End of story.

The skullet

That would be the bald head with the long hair in the back. There are no words. I don’t know what to say; I’m confuse with this look

Fur coat

Here’s a thought…give it to me. It will make a lovely throw at the end of my bed. Talk about another douche/arrogant look. Fur on certain part of the garment is okay, but when a man wears a full- on fur….the basterd has issues.

Sports jerseys

Only acceptable at a sporting event. Actually, I take that back. This whole look is just plain queer. And by queer I don’t mean gay. A gay man would never be caught dead in one. They make you look like a big, lumbering seven-year-old.

Leather pants

Trust me, this never really works unless you’re Lenny Kravitz.

Overly cologned

Way to announce yourself six minutes before you actually enter the room. Yowza. Your strong and stanky scent is burning out ppl’s eyes. It’s also ensuring that no matter what we order for dinner, it will taste like Drakkar Noir.

Hair plugs

If your intention was to have women look at nothing but your hairline and visualize how searingly painful that procedure actually was, then this was a success. If it was to cover up the fact that you are losing your hair, then no, it didn’t work. Not even a little.

Tighty whities

Just plain creepy. No, No, just no……For the sakes of you readers…i’m not gonna have a picture for this one

Colored contacts

Wow, this is really terrifying. You look like an alien. Wait, are you sure you’re not here to puncture my ovaries and extract my life beans? Whoever started this trend watches too many Star Wars.

Sideways baseball hat: A.K.A “the Hat Tilt”

Unfortunately, this has become a national epidemic. The fact that you stood in front of a mirror, making your puckered-lipped “I’m so cool” face, popping your “lid” at the perfect angle to get this exact look is so loserish it scares me.


Your first clue should have been when you went to the salon and realized the only other people getting perms were middle-aged housewives. If your excuse is that you didn’t know this because you did a “home perm,” move yourself up to KISS OF DEATH status.

Tacky polyester suits

We would like to be with men who dress like they are of this era. Otherwise, you just look plain tacky cuz the suit just bring you down from Gucci to Good Will.

Pinky rings

If you’re wearing a pinky ring, let’s consider what you’re telling ppl about yourself. You feel a kinship to fur coats, pimps, Vegas, drug dealers, mobsters, silk shirts, Guidos, and Liberace. If that’s what you want to tell ppl, okay. You just need to understand this look is very limiting. Sex? Fuggheddaboudit!


Hey guys, I’m sure that everyone has heard somebody say “that’s gay,” referring to something that sucks or lame. If you have heard that, I’m even more sure that you guys heard someone use the word fag to refer to some other people who do something….idk, bad or something not to their liking i guess.

Well, I have never said that word to another person in my life…but, I’m thinking, in society today, does that word seem offensive???….If you think about it, it’s kinda the same thing with black people and the “n” word…but hey, they took that word back, now u hear it in greetings, rap songs, and even jokes. Black people most of the time don’t get offended by that anymore (correct me if I’m wrong).

That is what I think gay people should do, take that word back!!! use it in a sense that is funny or to compliment something. In Germany, my friend told me that they call gay people shrewlies (spelling?) it’s practically the German equivalent to fag…come on, that is a silly sounding word, it’s a stupid word…but it offensive to people because of the meaning that word was given. It’s the same thing with “fag”, it’s a stupid 3 letters word, it means cigarette in England too….but it’s the meaning people give it that make the word offensive. So guys, TAKE THAT WORD BACK!!! use it and take it in a sense that is fantastic, amazing, and awesome.

I really do think that the word “fag” should have no offensive meaning in society today. Gays out there (you know I love you), use that word guys, use it for something or someone who is doing something awesome. For example: your bf just got this awesome one of a kind Prada jacket, your reply could be “You fag,how did you get this?!!!” or you friend or bf ask ” I’m bored, wanna do something?” and you could say “Yeah, lets fag around, its gonna be so much fun.” Once you got it down, it’s gonna feel like you are wearing Prada head to toe.

It makes me laugh when someone wears clothes that are really fashionable, and someone call them gay in a sense of mocking them. So people who do that, this is for you “Gay people make more fashion and life statements in a day than you will in probably your whole lifetime!”….so read it, memorize it…..EAT IT!!!

Gay people take risks (coming out is a big one)…especially fashion risks, they want to make a statement through what they wear, just like others make their statement through sports, arts, education, and many other areas. One of my friends said “Gay people dress the world today,” and I think it’s kinda true. I personally love my gays, they make my life so much more interesting, I can’t live without them….

As for guys who make fun of someone who is wearing feminine color, it’s kinda lame on your part. As I look around, I see guys wearing purple, orange, pink, red, blue skinny jeans; color has always been in trend. Gay people love color (I’m only speaking from my perspective so if anything I say is wrong to anyone, I mean no negative and stereotypical meaning in my view on this subject) because they embrace their feminine side, or they can pull off that certain color because they are confident and know what their style is. So guys that do that, it’s either you cannot embrace your feminine side or you just don’t have enough masculinity to pull off that certain color 😛

I know a number of guys who are jealous because their gf has been hanging out with her gay bff too much. Look here guys, straight men and gay men see the world in totally different view. A girl and her gay bff, they are like each others’ Jimmy Choo and Manolo.

Anyways, like I said, take the word “fag” back. It’s like shoulder pads, years ago, you wear those, people are gonna shame youuuuuuuuu…..but now, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SHOULDER!!! designer reinvented shoulder pads in such a clever way, so now, it’s all focus on the shoulder..how to show it off the best…like Donna Karan said “Your shoulder is the only part in your body that does not gain weight.” You see the emphasis on the shoulder from countess brands, from Alexander Wang to Balmain. So I hope that the new use of “fag” will have the same impact.


Hey guys….do you have friends that are “just there”…the ones that you don’t trust..or the ones that you look at them and think that they are not your friend, or they have turn their back on you….

I know I do…

I think of it as though I’m buying Gucci at Chinatown…

They look like the real ones, but the truth is, they’re a piece fake shit…..They don’t look like the fancy, elegant Gucci display at the store, they look desperate and miserable :(((.

You wear that Gucci around trying to act like it’s the real deal, but when you look at it you know for a fact it’s not authentic. Just like that friend of yours, you hang out with them, you talk to them, but deep down inside, you know you can never trust them.

Plus, the real Gucci would never be at such low quality, the zipper of the authentic ones don’t break just after two weeks…and your true friends are not suppose to turn their back on you ….

If you have friends like that, don’t lie to yourself and think that they are the real Gucci while their origin is Chinatown.


The one that is worth investing in, the one that have zippers that don’t break after two weeks…most importantly, the one that you know it will be IN STYLE ANYTIME and with any trend…

If you can get  Gucci that embodies all that, then you know that you made a very smart investment.

FASHION FADES, STYLE IS ETERNAL“………that is a quote from one of my heroes, Yves Saint Laurent….
Those trends of friend that you have (the ones that just care about their status or reputation) will eventually fade away, but the ones that are true and authentic, those are like diamonds: they’re your best friends and they’re forever 🙂

FASHION COME AND GO, BUT FRIENDSHIP NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE….so don’t waste your time with a fake Gucci!!!


I think of a person’s confidence is like clothes. Sounds strange huh? well if you think about, a human being is so complex and mysterious….just like couture…

How they feel about themselves are totally up to them. If they are completely happy with themselves, then they are like haute couture, they shall glow and attract attention wherever they go even if they don’t even look that great.

An haute couture consist of hundreds of hrs of construction just like confidence or else it would just be ready- to- wear. Unfortunately for me, I’m just a ready- to- wear. However, what do you think of yourself? are you a one of a kind haute couture or are you a ready- to- wear garment. I am not saying ready- to- wear is bad, in fact, I love it!!! But in my opinion, when a person reach the level of haute couture, they are completely at ease with themself…..

Today  I thought to myself “What should I change about myself? How can I make myself more approachable, more ….unique?”

Then it hit me, reinventing myself is like buying a new pair of shoes; if a trend of shoes is out of style, then a new pair must replace it. If I keep that pair of shoes, all I am doing is holding on to a past trend and is holding myself back from the new style.

Fashion moves fast and so does life, so keeping up with it is extremely hard. By changing myself : my personality, my appearance, I keep up with life by introducing a new style of “me”. How I wear that new pair of shoes (the new me) is all up to me; all I have to do is figure out what style to put out there so that it look as modern and avant-garde as possible.

So what do you guys think of changing who you are to keep up??? I am a person of many insecurities, so for me changing who I am is like a routine. I have to do it constantly in order to stay in circulation; its a harsh world, life is not fair so why should fashion be?……

Recent years, I became extremely sad. In 2007, Valentino retired; 2008,Yves Saint Laurent died; 2009, Daul Kim died and Lacroix gone bankrupt; and 2010, Mcqueen passed away.

So as you guys can see, the fashion industry had suffered great loss due to these occurrences…….I am totally disheartened :(…

It all started for me with Valentino’s retirement, it was just a really sad moment. He been in the industry for over 40 years, his contribution to fashion is more than one can measure……..I was at the edge of my seat and was almost crying my ass off watching his final couture show on youtube ….

Valentino possesses a sense of elegance that no one can imitate.

He created history, he elevated beauty, he embodied poetry, he expresses  timeless classics, he interpreted femininity in a way that every woman can see the reflection of themselves in his gown.

I can still remember my first time seeing Valentino’ s designs. I was amazed by his abstract mind; I was blown away by how he can take something so simple but executed it in a way that is so rich, elegant, poetic, complex, and modern.

The way his red dresses just flow on the runway, they just brought every emotions out of me; they can give a smile to the most unlikely person. There are just nothing that can compare to Valentino, his pure vision of fashion captivated the eyes and pierce through your soul.

Seeing his last show made me realized how much he gave to the world and I wish someday that I can be just 1/10 of him. There will not be a second Valentino, he cannot be replace or surpass in any way……

…………blogs about other fashion occurrences listed above will be coming soon ❤

Tell me if you think this is weird. Whenever I’m down, i would go on youtube and type up John Galliano Fall 2009 and watch that show over and over and over again; I don’t know why, but something about that show just give me that sense of relief and it feels like as if I had escape to another place.

Same goes for the Chanel show, the Dior show (spring 2007 haute couture)…the list can go on and on. There is just that something that i have no words for, something that i have search for words to describe it but can never find. My spirit is lift up just by watching the models in those beautiful, avant- garde garments and walk down the runway.

It’s a feeling of nirvana, a feeling of peace, it’s like I lost track of time when I flip through the pages of Vogue. My mind is somewhere else, a place where there is no stress, no worries, no headache, a place of my own.

When I look at a couture, I feel as if I was right in front of it, as if I was front row seat watching it float down the runway, I feel safe, secure, and most of all….. myself….