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I think of a person’s confidence is like clothes. Sounds strange huh? well if you think about, a human being is so complex and mysterious….just like couture…

How they feel about themselves are totally up to them. If they are completely happy with themselves, then they are like haute couture, they shall glow and attract attention wherever they go even if they don’t even look that great.

An haute couture consist of hundreds of hrs of construction just like confidence or else it would just be ready- to- wear. Unfortunately for me, I’m just a ready- to- wear. However, what do you think of yourself? are you a one of a kind haute couture or are you a ready- to- wear garment. I am not saying ready- to- wear is bad, in fact, I love it!!! But in my opinion, when a person reach the level of haute couture, they are completely at ease with themself…..


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Spring Forward or Fall Back

Today  I thought to myself “What should I change about myself? How can I make myself more approachable, more ….unique?”

Then it hit me, reinventing myself is like buying a new pair of shoes; if a trend of shoes is out of style, then a new pair must replace it. If I keep that pair of shoes, all I am doing is holding on to a past trend and is holding myself back from the new style.

Fashion moves fast and so does life, so keeping up with it is extremely hard. By changing myself : my personality, my appearance, I keep up with life by introducing a new style of “me”. How I wear that new pair of shoes (the new me) is all up to me; all I have to do is figure out what style to put out there so that it look as modern and avant-garde as possible.

So what do you guys think of changing who you are to keep up??? I am a person of many insecurities, so for me changing who I am is like a routine. I have to do it constantly in order to stay in circulation; its a harsh world, life is not fair so why should fashion be?……

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Forever in my Memories

Recent years, I became extremely sad. In 2007, Valentino retired; 2008,Yves Saint Laurent died; 2009, Daul Kim died and Lacroix gone bankrupt; and 2010, Mcqueen passed away.

So as you guys can see, the fashion industry had suffered great loss due to these occurrences…….I am totally disheartened :(…

It all started for me with Valentino’s retirement, it was just a really sad moment. He been in the industry for over 40 years, his contribution to fashion is more than one can measure……..I was at the edge of my seat and was almost crying my ass off watching his final couture show on youtube ….

Valentino possesses a sense of elegance that no one can imitate.

He created history, he elevated beauty, he embodied poetry, he expresses  timeless classics, he interpreted femininity in a way that every woman can see the reflection of themselves in his gown.

I can still remember my first time seeing Valentino’ s designs. I was amazed by his abstract mind; I was blown away by how he can take something so simple but executed it in a way that is so rich, elegant, poetic, complex, and modern.

The way his red dresses just flow on the runway, they just brought every emotions out of me; they can give a smile to the most unlikely person. There are just nothing that can compare to Valentino, his pure vision of fashion captivated the eyes and pierce through your soul.

Seeing his last show made me realized how much he gave to the world and I wish someday that I can be just 1/10 of him. There will not be a second Valentino, he cannot be replace or surpass in any way……

…………blogs about other fashion occurrences listed above will be coming soon ❤

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Tell me if you think this is weird. Whenever I’m down, i would go on youtube and type up John Galliano Fall 2009 and watch that show over and over and over again; I don’t know why, but something about that show just give me that sense of relief and it feels like as if I had escape to another place.

Same goes for the Chanel show, the Dior show (spring 2007 haute couture)…the list can go on and on. There is just that something that i have no words for, something that i have search for words to describe it but can never find. My spirit is lift up just by watching the models in those beautiful, avant- garde garments and walk down the runway.

It’s a feeling of nirvana, a feeling of peace, it’s like I lost track of time when I flip through the pages of Vogue. My mind is somewhere else, a place where there is no stress, no worries, no headache, a place of my own.

When I look at a couture, I feel as if I was right in front of it, as if I was front row seat watching it float down the runway, I feel safe, secure, and most of all….. myself….

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Velvet seems to be back on the runway this fall. As fashion week progresses, the New York runways seem to have velvet in almost every single show. Designers like Zac Posen, Nanette Lapore, and Alexander Wang sent models down the runway in velvet that looked as if they were craving for cupcakes…..

Zac Posen, with no disrespect, can do better, and he done better; models that strutted his runway looked like they were working at pasty shop in Brooklyn (but there were some very strong pieces that walked the Posen runway). ……………..

Lets move on to Alexander Wang, although some of the dresses carried the collection trough, but overall the whole concept was mediocre… his spring collection was amazing!!! but this one just did not measure up to his previous works…

and omg the hair, whoever came up with the idea of that hair should be put in pink heels with an orange dress and yellow belt and walk around Manhattan..its was just tragic, the hair.

Also with Nanette Lapore, her velvet gowns looked so heavy that they looked like icing melting from a cupcake.

Another thing, I was surprised by the highly use of RED velvet, is this a coincidence???

I know that the recession has take a big toll on designers for the past year or two (the reason why there was not one single gown at Zac Posen show) …

I know that with the financial issues, designers with small businesses are limited to their creativity and what they can put out. Lets just hope that the economy will get better soon so we can once again see the runway dashing with gowns that one never dream of wearing. ❤

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