Velvet seems to be back on the runway this fall. As fashion week progresses, the New York runways seem to have velvet in almost every single show. Designers like Zac Posen, Nanette Lapore, and Alexander Wang sent models down the runway in velvet that looked as if they were craving for cupcakes…..

Zac Posen, with no disrespect, can do better, and he done better; models that strutted his runway looked like they were working at pasty shop in Brooklyn (but there were some very strong pieces that walked the Posen runway). ……………..

Lets move on to Alexander Wang, although some of the dresses carried the collection trough, but overall the whole concept was mediocre… his spring collection was amazing!!! but this one just did not measure up to his previous works…

and omg the hair, whoever came up with the idea of that hair should be put in pink heels with an orange dress and yellow belt and walk around Manhattan..its was just tragic, the hair.

Also with Nanette Lapore, her velvet gowns looked so heavy that they looked like icing melting from a cupcake.

Another thing, I was surprised by the highly use of RED velvet, is this a coincidence???

I know that the recession has take a big toll on designers for the past year or two (the reason why there was not one single gown at Zac Posen show) …

I know that with the financial issues, designers with small businesses are limited to their creativity and what they can put out. Lets just hope that the economy will get better soon so we can once again see the runway dashing with gowns that one never dream of wearing. ❤


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